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Calorie Counting

Calorie counting is something people usually do when they are dieting but often people only count the calories of an item without also checking what other qualities that an item may have and that can be to their disadvantage. Today there is a website which has a calorie counter tool which can help people on diets and the website also gives a wide variety of other advice on dieting and losing weight.

One of the most important things when dieting is ensuring that your body still receives adequate nutrients and vitamins to not just stay active but to also stay healthy. Calories do matter in a weight loss diet but so do nutrients and vitamins and so you cannot just assess the number of calories you eat without also assessing the vitamins and nutrients you eat also. This is why some foods are considered healthy even though they may be relatively high in calories but those items also have many nutrients and vitamins and so the amount of those they provide makes up the number of calories they contain.

You cannot therefore just eat any foods which are low in calories ass your body may not receive all it needs to remain healthy. For this reason, when dieting, you should assess the properties of all the foods you intend to eat and balance out the calories with the other essentials to come up with a diet which is, to you, possible to stick too and yet still afford you weight loss. Otherwise, to rashly go ahead and start any diet, just counting calories could lead you to either not being able to stick to the diet or worse, adversely affect your health.

Exercise is always recommended whilst on a weight loss diet and this is because, in order to stay healthy, you will have to eat more calories than you should and so by exercising you burn off those additional calories that you needed to eat. An exercise regime though, like the diet, should be looked at carefully and the only one which you believe you could stick to should be undertaken otherwise, by stopping it, you lose any value it may have had.

What this means is that for the best weight loss results, you should both exercise and diet in moderation and although moderation may mean the weight loss may take longer, it is more likely to stay off and it will be easier to maintain that weight loss for a much longer period. Yes there are diets which promise you will lose a lot of weight fast in just a couple of weeks and some of them do actually work but, in most cases, all you have lost is the body’s water which will quickly return once you stop the diet. True weight loss means the loosing of the body’s excess fat and that is what is achieved by a moderate diet and exercise regime which is carried out over a reasonable amount of time and so will not so easily or quickly return.