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Working and Backpacking

Even if they had not planned to, many backpackers may at certain times along their journey, look for temporary employment opportunities. Some backpackers will set out with the intention of working from time to time and therefore hope that the opportunities arise whilst others, didn’t plan to work but as they find themselves running short of funds, look for an opportunity so as not to cut their travel time short. Obviously though as very few backpackers have set schedules for where they will be on any given day, it is hard for them to gain employment prior to their arrival somewhere. In Australia and New Zealand though, life for backpackers looking for temporary employment has just been made easier. Backpacker Jobs New Zealand and Australia are now published on websites and so by a backpacker in one of these countries going online anywhere, they can find out immediately if there are any job opportunities in the area where they find themselves. This is undoubtedly a great advantage for backpackers but it also helps the local community by filling any shortfalls in the local labour force, especially at times when fruit picking is in season.

Originally, what are known as backpackers today, were hippies heading east along the Old Silk Road through Asia and so many hippies took this route that in places it became known as the Hippie Trail. Although today there are perhaps a few people that still backpack that route, an increasing number have started to backpack through South America or Central America. Even Europe is experiencing a greater number of backpackers visiting their countries but perhaps backpacking is seeing its biggest increases in Australia and New Zealand. Now that these last two countries are seeing their fair share of backpackers, they have taken steps to encourage them and even assist them in their travels and publishing the backpacker job boards is just one way they are doing it.

People in these countries are naturally friendly and by increasing the number of hostels providing cheap accommodations for backpackers, all adds up to Australia and New Zealand being great places to experience backpacking and perhaps the easiest destinations to start with. Backpacking in other places like South or Central America may not be as easy or as friendly for an inexperienced backpacker and so gaining experience in either Australia or New Zealand first, before attempting one of those more testing destinations.

New Zealand is perhaps particularly well suited for backpackers as there are reasonable bus services that operate over most of the two main Islands, some of whom operate a hop-on, hop-off service which is especially well suited to a backpacker’s travelling style. It is because backpackers often resort to a country’s cheaper public transport systems and even hiking at times that they have acquired their name as backpackers as a backpack is certainly the best way of carrying your possessions when using public transport definitely the best way if you are hiking for parts of your journey.